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Our Dogs

Cream Puff Labradoodles is known for breeding dogs with sweet and smart temperaments. Our dogs are very important to us. We are not a kennel and place each of our future dams and studs with their forever family as a puppy. The one-on-one attention and love they each receive from their families is shown in each of our guardian dogs, featured below. Please note: these dogs are not for sale.

Our Boys

CPL Hoppy
Dabba Doo Time.png
CPL Dabba
Doo Time
The Big Easy.png
CPL The Big Easy
Oscar Wilde.png
CPL Oscar Wilde
CPL Trifecta
Sangre de Vino.png
CPL Sangre de Vino
The Oldest Established.png
CPL The Oldest Established
CPL 1776
On Broadway.png
CPL On Broadway
Battle Cry.png
CPL Battle Cry
CPL Caveman
CPL Hercules
Dragon de Fuego.png
CPL Dragon de Fuego
CPL Diligent
Altar del Fuego.png
CPL Altar del  Fuego
CPL Flintstone
CPL Orchestration
Catador de Vino.png
CPL Catador de Vino
CPL Flambe
Phantom Me.png
CPL Phantom Me
Our Boys

Our Girls

Roaring Twenties.png
CPL Roaring Twenties
Queen Ororo.png
CPL Queen Ororo
CPL Glory
CPL Morel
CPL Cabriola
CPL Camorra
Pirate Wine.png
CPL Pirate Wine
She's Magic.png
CPL She's Magic
Deliver Us Perfection.png
CPL Deliver Us Perfection
CPL Snooki
Winter is Coming.png
CPL Winter is Coming
CPL Chispa
Burning Ember.png
CPL Burning Ember
CPL Mariposa
Mija Rockett.png
CPL Mija Rockett
A Bushel and a Peck.png
CPL A Bushel and a Peck
CPL Havana
Dragon Time.png
CPL Dragon Time
Fiery Phantom.png
CPL Fiery Phantom
La Paz del Fuego.png
CPL La Paz del Fuego
Our Girls

Breeding Stock

We have breeding stock available to outside programs on occasion. Please contact us with your program information and the specifics of what type of breeding stock you are looking for and we will be able to tell you if we think that there may be something available in the near future.

Breeding Stock

Stud Service

We offer stud services to approved females outside our program on rare occasion. Please contact us with the details of the female you are seeking stud service to and our male that you consider a good mate for her, and we will be in contact regarding your request.

Stud Service
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