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Puppy Allocation Process

There are two ways you can purchase a Cream Puff Labradoodles puppy.


The first way is via our allocation process (detailed in the steps below), this done before puppies turn six weeks of age. Families choose to take part in this process because they are not in a rush to purchase and want to ensure they take home a puppy of their desired size and coloring, or from a specific litter.


The second way is to place a deposit on a specific puppy from our website. This can ONLY be done after allocations have been completed and the puppies have turned 6 weeks old. Families tend to choose this option when they fall in love with a specific puppy that is still available, and/or are ready to take home a puppy very soon. If there is a specific puppy you like and allocations from the litter have been completed, please list this puppy's litter and band color in the preferences section on your application. We update our website several times each day so if a puppy is listed as available then they should be available unless we received a deposit since the last update.


For both ways, the first step is to fill out our Puppy Application Form.


On each of our litter pages we will list if allocations have been completed. If they haven’t been completed you will see newborn photos of puppies and we will list how many more deposits we are accepting for that litter. If they have been completed, then you will see six week old photos of puppies and we will list which puppies have sold and how many are left available.

If you have any questions before getting started please reach out to us via our contact page. We are excited to start finding you your perfect Cream Puff furbaby!

Allocation Process Steps

Step 1: Complete Our Application

Families fill out an application and make a non-refundable deposit of $300 to officially be placed on our deposit list. Before receiving a deposit, we will not hold a slot on our deposit list. This $300 is transferable to another litter if we are unable to provide you with a puppy that meets your desires from your original deposit litter. When completing the application, please try to be as specific as possible with any preferences you have, such as weight ranges, colors, etc.

Step 2: Receive Your Litter Allocation

As soon as a litter that matches your weight and color preferences becomes available, we will email you with more information on the parents and an expected go-home date. Your deposit will be added to the litter list after you confirm. If you feel the litter we suggested is not a good fit, you can wait until the next litter is available. 

Step 3: Birth Announcement

After the puppies are born, we will send a birth announcement to the families as soon as the mom is comfortable being away from her pups for a few minutes.

Step 4: Time to Select Your Puppy!

When the puppies are 6 weeks old, we will send a longer video for everyone to make their puppy selections. Each puppy will have on a different color collar for distinction. You will then email us a list of the puppies in order of preference. 


Step 5: Receive Your Puppy Allocation

Once we receive everyone's list of preferences and we have made our own selection (we have the first pick of each litter), we will complete the allocations based on your application, your preferences and the order of deposits received. Please note: there are no in person visits, all picks are done virtually.

Step 6: Gotcha Day!

Once your puppy is around 8/9 weeks old you can come to pick them up from our home in Hillsborough, NJ. You will get to play with your puppy before you take them to their fur-ever home. We will send you home with a Welcome Pack which contains lots of important information about your new family member, along with some puppy food. Please note: If you are paying by personal check then the balance is due 2 weeks before pick up. If not, then the balance payment of $2700 (including taxes) is due by credit/debit card, cashiers check, bank check, or cash on the day of pick up. 

PLEASE BE AWARE  that we are at the mercy of Mother Nature as to timing and as to whether a pairing actually results in a pregnancy. We also can not guarantee sex or shade of color in a specific litter. Therefore, placing a deposit on a litter evidences your acceptance that if you decide to move your deposit to another litter you are placed on the wait list for that litter based on the date you decide to move to the other litter deposit list. We reserve the right to switch the stud in any pairing to produce a comparable litter. We also reserve the right to take as first picks any puppies that are of exceptional breeding quality to advance the betterment of the Australian Labradoodle breeding community.

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