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Pricing & Application



Our puppy prices are $3,000. This price is comparable to most Australian Labradoodles puppies that are sold by programs registered with WALA, and includes a $500 discount/credit for the average New York City Metropolitan area vet cost for spay/neuter.


Many WALA members Early Spay/Neuter (ESN) puppies at 8 weeks. There is conflicting research on the pros and cons of ESN. Given the conflicting data, we prefer not to ESN which is why we provide the $500 discount upfront - click here for an article addressing the basis of our caution.

The $3,000 total cost that you pay us is to be made in two payments - a $300 initial deposit with your completed application, followed by a $2,700 final payment. The final payment can be made via personal check if received two weeks prior to puppy pickup, or via bank check, money order, electronic payment, or cash on the day of your pickup.




The deposit to be on the list for any litter is a non-refundable $300. The $300 is transferable to another litter if we are unable to provide you a puppy that meets your desires from your original deposit litter. Prior to making a deposit, please understand that visits to meet your deposit litter are when the litter is 6/7 weeks old. This visit is when you indicate to us your puppy preference by ranking the litter in order of preference based on each puppy’s “band color.” Your puppy is assigned to you based on the combination of the timing of receipt of deposit and the order of when your deposit was placed on the litter list in addition to your “band” ranking of the puppies in the litter. You pick your assigned puppy up when 8/9 weeks old. 

Puppy visits and pickups are almost exclusively on Saturdays. Sundays we are closed.



WE DO NOT SHIP OUR PUPPIES. You MUST meet your puppy IN PERSON to take possession of them. Sometimes we are willing to drive to meet you or fly to meet you as our schedules permit. There is an additional fee on top of the puppy price to drive more than 30 minutes to meet you or fly with the puppy in cabin to meet you in person at an airport near your home. This fee will vary according to the specific circumstances that we mutually agree upon for you to meet your puppy in person to take possession. Sometimes it's cheaper for you to fly to us (maybe on miles) and pick up your puppy and just let it ride coach with you in the  cabin beneath the seat in front of you. The puppy will still be confined to a small carrier but will not have to ride in cargo. This is the only way our puppies fly!

Payment Methods

We accept the following payment methods:


Credit card

Cashiers check

Personal check

Money order



If you choose to write a personal check it must be given to us as of your puppy's 6 week birthday and clear our bank prior to receiving your puppy.


Payment must be made in full prior to taking your puppy home!

Guarantee & Promises

Our Guarantee To You

What your puppy will have when they come to you:

  1. The first set of three booster puppy shots required by the time your puppy is 12 weeks old. (Distemper/Parvo)

  2. Worming appropriate for age, 2,4,6,8 weeks

  3. Veterinary certified health certificate 

  4. Cream Puff puppies are microchipped by our Vet at 8 weeks old right before being ready to come to you. The micro chips work every day of the year to facilitate the recovery of lost pets. New puppy owners can enroll their pet's microchip identification number with the Recovery Service on-line or by mailing back the enrollment form included in your puppy packet.

  5. Enough puppy food they have been eating to last for a 3-4 days period.

  6. Registration paperwork to register your puppy with WALA (sent once we receive proof of spay/neuter required by contract)

  7. Life time support from us! Email/call us any time and please send updated pictures!

  8. Spaying and Neutering your pet...when is the right time? Excellent article for information on why spaying and neutering too soon  could cause more harm then good... We do not do not do Early Spay Neuter and this article sites why it is not good for the general well being, and growth and development of your do

Our Promise to You


We guarantee that our Labradoodle breeding stock is free of life threatening genetic disorders and has been tested for Hip and Elbow Displasia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, and VWB. We will fully guarantee this for two years from the purchase date of your puppy. We guarantee for a period of 72 hours that the puppy is free of disease and is in good health. We require the purchaser to have the puppy vet checked within 3 days upon receiving the puppy in order to make this part of our guarantee valid. 

Though we do our  best to only breed healthy dogs that have tested clear of these problems (HD, VWD, PRA), occasionally genetic problems can randomly occur, much in the way that any unknown human genetic defect can randomly occur in children. If such a  thing happens, we will either (at our discretion) refund up to the  original purchase price of the dog if said dog is returned and replace  with another or pay vet costs up to original purchase price of the dog. We also reserve the right, at the breeders expense, to have the dog checked by a vet of our choice before offering a replacement puppy or refund. We also require that all testing that has been done on said dog be given to us for our vet’s evaluation.

Your Promise to Us:

  1. You will provide the dog with a loving and caring home and, to the best of your ability, keep the dog safe and ensure good health.

  2. You agree not to allow the dog to get overweight or to unduly stress the puppy's developing body with excessive strenuous exercise in the first year of its life.

  3. You promise that you will take your puppy to puppy obedience classes by the time he/she is six months of age.

  4. You will discuss an appropriate vaccination and health check-up schedule with your veterinarian. If you choose not to vaccinate your puppy, that is your choice and responsibility; however, we will not be held liable or responsible in any way if one of our puppies contracts a communicable disease after leaving our home if your puppy has not been properly vaccinated.

  5. You understand that before this guarantee can be used, we require veterinary documentation of any problem and all pertinent reports, x-rays, etc to be send to our vet for consultation. We may also require a second veterinary opinion from an other vet of our choice (at our cost). In the case of HD the buyer must provide documentation form OFA or Penn Hip. In the case of cataracts or PRA the buyer must provide documentation from a veterinary ophthalmologist.

  6. You agree that we have the right to cancel this guarantee if the dog is not in good condition or looks to have been mistreated in any way.

  7. You understand that this agreement is void if the dog is bred at any time and you agree to have the dog spayed or neutered by the time the dog is 6-8 months of age. We do not do early spay and  neutering on our puppies. This will be your responsibility unless said dog was sold as a potential breeder, which is a different contract which is only available to approved breeding programs. Failure to comply with these provisions will render any guarantee null and void. Further, if said puppy is not spayed or neutered within 6-8 months, buyer will pay seller damages of $5000; the cost of a Breeding puppy. If necessary, legal action will be taken to collect damages and buyer will be responsible for all legal fees.

  8. You agree that this agreement is also void if the dog is not on a diet that is approved by your veterinarian. Many health problems in dogs can be contributed to or caused by imbalanced or inadequate nutrition or (unknown to many people) a diet too high or low in protein or from being overfed. We require that you discuss and follow the recommendations of your vet regarding amounts and brands of food that you are feeding your puppy.

  9. You agree to contact the breeder immediately if you can no longer look after the dog at any point during the dog's life. We will assist you in the rehoming of your pet.