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Cream Puff Labradoodles' Top 10 Puppy Names of 2021

Aside from their Gotcha Day, receiving their name is possibly the most important moment in your puppy’s life, it’s the moment they become who they are.

Deciding on your puppy’s name is a big decision. Maybe you’ve had their name picked out since the moment you knew you wanted a dog, or maybe you’re on your way to pick up your puppy and you still haven’t decided. Either way, a little inspiration can’t hurt.

Every year companies generate lists of the top baby names across the country. We thought it would be fun to share Cream Puff’s most popular puppy names in the same way. Our list below has been created collectively by our team based on conversations and emails with new Cream Puff families throughout the last year.

Top 5 Girls Names

#5 Penny

#4 Winnie

#3 Luna

#2 Rosie

#1 Zoe

Top 5 Boys Names

#5 Ollie/Olly/Oliver

#4 Milo

#3 Tucker

#2 Ozzy/Ozzie

#1 Charlie

Honorary Mention

Coco (for both girls and boys)

Want to see some cute Cream Puff puppies with these names? Head over to our YouTube channel to watch our Cream Puff Labradoodles' Top 10 Puppy Names of 2021 video, and see if your own Cream Puff is featured!


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