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Why Should I Buy an Older Puppy?

Updated: Jun 13

Making the choice to add a new fur baby to your family is a big decision. It's a long commitment and there's a lot to plan and prepare for, so it's important to choose the right puppy for you.

When we think of a new puppy, along with the great joy they bring, we think of sleepless nights and all the things they're going to chew while teething. From time to time, Cream Puff Labradoodles has older puppies. We spend a lot of time socializing our older fur babies. We're often asked the question "What are the benefits of buying an older puppy?". When a puppy is three-months or older, as long as the breeder has given them the time and attention they need, they are further house trained and often less "work" for their new family.

What are the benefits of getting an older puppy?

Less Biting

An older puppy is generally out of what we call at Cream Puff Labradoodles, the "bitey bitey" teething stage - something your socks, sneakers and anything else they can get their teeth around can be thankful for!

Leash Trained

An older puppy has been socialized more, and so they are generally leash trained which means far less pulling on walks.

Crate Trained

An older puppy is used to their crate so they tend to sleep more peacefully in it through the night, which means less sleepless nights for you and your family. During the day, your puppy can also stay in the crate for more hours than an eight-week-old puppy, and your dog walker will only need to visit once rather than twice while you're at work.

Fewer Vet Visits

A puppy three-months or older has had more shots and does not need to see the vet as often as an eight-week-old puppy, so fewer vet visits and fewer vet bills.

Ready for Walks

A three-month or older puppy has had their shots. This means they can immediately go for a walk down the streets of New York City or your neighborhood, you don't have to wait to take him or her to the dog park, the dog beach or on your planned vacation. We have many Cream Puff families who enjoy taking their dogs up to the mountains, the lake house or the Hamptons.


Older puppies are often much calmer. Many families with special needs children or young children, as well as older clients, choose to take home an older puppy because they want a puppy that is calmer and past the energetic stage.

We are often asked what happens to puppies when they are older at Cream Puff Labradoodles. We have clients who specifically reach out to us hoping we have older puppies available for these benefits. A three-month-old puppy is very much still a puppy, and will still bond with you just as an eight week old puppy would bond with you. There is a puppy stage that is perfect for everyone!

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