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A Message from Don

Megan McLoughlin

Cream Puff Labradoodles is excited to announce our new CEO and Pack Leader - Megan McLoughlin!


For over a decade our family has immersed ourselves in the puppy love journey of breeding and placing our magnificent Australian and Multi-Gen Labradoodles in hundreds of fur-ever family homes. Our guardian program has grown from a small group of friends into an extraordinary community of loving advocates and partners in a humane breeding program that we are both proud of and humbled by. Our pet puppy program has homed so many extraordinary dogs in so many diverse and loving families it has exceeded our expectations. You only need to look at television, print and social media to see how many “puppy stars” are part of this great pack.


In the breeding community we are known for our commitment to genetic diversity within many of our unique and new lines. We have an ongoing commitment to be the standard for ethical and responsible, best practice breeding of our beloved Australian and Multi-Gen Labradoodles. It is for this reason we are moving forward by transitioning our founding team member and entrusted friend into the business leadership position of CEO and overall Pack Leader!  Megan McLoughlin.

Megan has been a behind the scenes architect and implementer of much of our early structure and program design at Cream Puff Labradoodles. She knows and understands our business, our program, our protocols and most importantly, our Cream Puff Family, as well as we do - because she helped build it!  My family will still be actively working in the background to help guide our genetics and diversity mission but Megan is, from this point forward, the Pack Alpha, as my spouse and I lean into retirement.


We love you, we appreciate you and we are grateful for your support and commitment to Cream Puff Labradoodles. 


Without doubt, the best is yet to come.



Don, Sean, Logan and Taylor Robinson-Hollingsworth

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