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Battle of the Dog Parks: Cream Puff's Top 5

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

All summer long we've been asking our newsletter subscribers which dog park is their Cream Puff's favorite. We've tallied up the votes and here are the top 5!

1. Rosedale Dog Park, Pennington NJ

Two parks on our list received the same amount of votes so we have a tie for the #1 spot on our list

Coming in jointly at number one was Rosedale Dog Park in Pennington NJ. Lots of you said you love to take your Cream Puffs to this 5-acre dog park, and loved the different spaces this park offers.

Pictures is the beautiful Nessa who often visits the park with her mommy, Chloe, to play with the other dogs and Cream Puffs she meets there.

1. Hamilton Park, Hamilton NJ

Our second park jointly taking the number one spot on our list is Hamilton Park in Jersey City, NJ.

Many of our Cream Puffs like frequenting the dog runs here and love making new fur friends to play with!

2. Madison Square Park, Manhattan NY

Our most popular park for NYC Cream Puffs turned out to be the beautiful Madison Square Park!

Many of you said you take your pups here, and often bump into other Cream Puffs while enjoying this green space and city views in NYC! Our very own Milo is featured on their website.

3. Asbury Park Dog Beach

Many of you listed the beach as your Cream Puff's favorite place to walk and play, at the top of our list of beaches was Asbury Park Dog Beach.

This beach is also a firm favorite of our CPL Little Miss Firecracker AKA Marvellous Molly's!

Pictured is Galaxy, courtesy of mommy Laura who clearly loves to play in the sand.

4. Domino Park, Brooklyn NY

Did you know one of our largest Cream Puff communities in in Brooklyn, NY? Our Cream Puff Brooklynites voted Domino Park in at number four on our list!

We love the fact that our Cream Puffs are spoiled with such a wonderful view of the city and have been daydreaming of them bumping into each other as the sun sets and the water glistens in the evening light.

5. Carl Schurz Park, Manhattan NY

Another NYC hotspot takes the last place on our list. Our Upper East Side Cream Puffs came out to vote in Carl Schurz Park at number five!

We love that this park on the waterfront has their own Instagram page! We've begun to follow their account in the hopes we'll see some Cream Puffs featured here in the not too distant future.

A huge thank you to everyone that joined in the fun and sent us their favorite places to play! If you aren't subscribed to our newsletter and would like to be, drop us an email at and let us know.


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