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ALD Colors Explained: What is a Phantom Australian Labradoodle?

Australian Labradoodles come in a rainbow of colors. This array of color options is one of the factors that gives them such wide appeal. Here at Cream Puff Labradoodles we are known for, and proud of, the diversity within our lines, especially when it comes to colors.

Understanding Australian Labradoodle colors can sometimes be confusing, with this in mind we have decided to create a series series of videos which will explain each color, and how we decipher if a puppy is this color.

In this first video, Megan our Pack Leader provides an overview of phantom coloring, what makes an Australian Labradoodle a phantom, and the different types of phantom colorings.

We hope you enjoy watching!

To learn more about other Australian Labradoodle colors please read our Australian Labradoodle Coats and Colors blog post and visit our YouTube channel Australian Labradoodle Colors playlist.


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