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Happy Howloween: Top 20 Dog Costumes

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Halloween is only a few weeks away, which means it is time to start thinking about what you and your Cream Puff are going to dress up as this year! Picking out a Halloween costume for your dog can be tough with so many cute options and ideas, but whether you are looking to dress your pup as something spooky, cute, or funny, we have you covered!

Here's our 20 favorite dog costumes, all of which can be purchased through Amazon. We cannot wait to see pictures of your pups wearing some of these!

1. Cowboy Rider Dog Costume

Giddy up! Your pup will be sure to get a few laughs if it rides up in this costume to your neighbor’s house. It comes in a wide size range so any dog can wear it!

2. UPS Dog Costume

Did someone order a package? Show some love to our UPS delivery guys by dressing up your dog in this adorable costume.

3. "I Woke Up Like This" Dog Costume

This wig is simple yet hilarious and will for sure be a hit in your neighborhood. It comes with adjustable straps to fit small and large dogs. For extra laughs, throw some sleep-in curlers in your hair and you and your Cream Puff can match!

4. Tuxedo Dog Costume

Want to dress your dog up as a butler? James Bond? Men in Black? Whatever you decide, your dog will definitely look sophisticated in this tuxedo costume!

5. Squirrel Dog Costume

This squirrel costume is sure to draw attention from the other neighborhood dogs. It may even help your dog the next time it is trying to catch that pesky squirrel in your yard!

6. Security Dog Costume

This pup is going to need to see some IDs before he can give you candy. This security vest will make your dog look adorable yet all business!

7. Taco Dog Costume

We do not recommend dressing your dog up in this costume on an empty stomach! Your dog will for sure be the life of the Halloween fiesta as a taco!

8. Shark Dog Costume

Get out of the water! This shark costume is sure to turn some heads. Make your dog the scariest yet cutest predator on the block!

9. Octopus Dog Costume

If sharks don't float your boat, how about an octopus? Stick to the ocean theme by dressing your dog as this adorable sea creature.

10. Scary Spider Dog Costume

Looking for something on the scary? Check out this spider costume that will definitely get your dog some treats!

11. Bat Dog and Robin Costumes

Does your Cream Puff have a furry best friend? Dress your iconic duo up as Bat Dog and Robin this Halloween and they'll be the coolest pups in the neighborhood. Just watch out for any joker dogs while they're out fighting crime!

12. Doggosaurus Costume

This dinosaur onesie costume (specifically made for small to medium sized dogs) is perfect for making your small dog feel like a giant this Halloween!

13. Guitar Star Dog Costume

Let your dog jam out in this rockin’ costume! This is another costume that will definitely make people laugh as they see your dog coming to trick or treat!

14. Your Royal Fluffiness Costume

We o​​ften treat our pets like royalty, so we might as well dress them as such! Show the other neighborhood pets who is the true king or queen by dressing your pup up in this royally cute costume!

15. Doggy Potter Costume

You’re a wizard, puppy! This costume comes in different colors so you can decide which Hogwarts house your dog would be in!

16. Puppuccino Costume

Does your dog love a good puppuccino? Dress them up as their favorite treat this Halloween!

17. Apple Dog Costume

Your Cream Puff will look absolutely adorable in this apple costume. It is also the perfect way to dive into the fall season!

18. Lion Dog Costume

Make your dog feel like the king of the concrete jungle with this awesome lion’s mane wig! This mane also comes with adjustable straps so it is perfect for any dog!

19. Teddy Bear Dog Costume

This teddy bear costume will make all the neighbors want to cuddle your pup! As your cutie walks around your neighborhood they're sure to get a couple of laughs!

20. Hot Dog Costume

Last but not least, dress your dog up as the classic hot dog. It is cute, punny, and a fan favorite!

We hope you enjoyed this list! The full list of costumes is linked on our Amazon storefront. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.


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