Doodle Ranch's Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
(call name Reese)

Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.png


Doodle Ranch's Reese is our handsome chocolate phantom tri boy with white “Irish Spotting” which happens to be our founder's most favorite markings. He is our “Foundation Boy” complement to Phantom Menace‘s original contribution to Cream Puff  Phantom Tri colored genetics that we hope to continue to be a unique, mostly American, line of Phantom and “Tri”  Spotted Labradoodles here at Cream Puff Labradoodles!

Phantom markings are very difficult to attain as it requires four recessive genes to line up to create this attractive coloring. Only time can tell us whether Reese produces his unique coloring by passing it on to his puppies but for now we can hope. In the meantime, we are happy to watch his playful antics and dream of puppies just like him in the future!

Structurally, Reese has a lovely hair/ fleece coat, a very stocky Labrador-like body, and a sabre tail. He embodies what we love to see in our dogs - the stocky Labrador body and personality combined with the poodle’s non-shedding coat.

Reese is building on our foundation Tri-Color and adding so much potential here at Cream Puff into future  generations!!!


Size: Medium, 35lbs
Hips & Elbows: OFA certified
DNA: Pra/vwd/EIC clear, DM carrier
Color/Coat: bbEe, IC clear, Parti-factored
LO-F1b Labradoodle