Vino de Fuego (call name Vino)



Vino is our handsome little red stud muffin. He is 26 pounds of vim and vigor in a “chill dude” package. If we could bottle for ourselves all his energy and playfulness and combine it with his “chill” personality, We’d have a “Red Dog” drink that would both chill and stimulate that would sell in the millions of dollars! We would if we could, but the best we can do is have him as the sire of some of our little Labradoodles so his offspring can “Red Dog Chill” your homes. Vino is a constant show stopper!!! People are always asking about him. If we had a dollar for every time someone stopped to ooh and ahh over him, we would be a wealthy team! 

Vino is the son of our Jugar con Fuego and our Hurricane Sandy. He is a brand new Australian Labradoodle line to the Labradoodle community and has much to offer the Labradoodle world given his blood-red color and unusual genetics.

Vino lives with his human Guardian family in South New Jersey and we have just found out that he is expecting a human sibling later this year!!! He has a beautiful wavy deep red fleece coat that feels like crushed velvet. To sum it up, Vino has got it all - looks, character, temperament and a stunning coat!


WALA00001702, ALAA-039980
Size: Large Mini, 24lbs
Hips: OFA certified
Elbows: OFA certified
DNA:  Pra/vwd/EIC/DM clear
Color/Coat: bbee, IC carrier, Phantom carrier    
Foundation Australian Labradoodle