Sit Down Ur Rocking' Da Boat (call name Winston)

Sit Down UrRockin da Boat.png


Winston is our handsome Caramel and White new line infusion boy! He is the son of CC’s Raspberry Tart and Coastal Maine’s Rocket Man. Winston will pass his gorgeous coat and unique genetics on to many other puppies in our program for years to come! He can produce just about any color - Chocolate, Black, Parti, Red and Phantom (like the coloring of a Doberman).

Winston lives with his “canine step-brother” Cream Puff pet puppy in an awesome Guardian home in New Jersey near us with his very own human kids to run and play with at their lovely home! Winston is unrelated to almost all other Australian Labradoodles in the world as he was bred here with unique lines under the ALAA infusion guidelines to create new lines. His impact on broadening the bloodlines and genetic diversity of our wonderful breed is substantial and important for the health of our breed into the future.


WALA00001684, ALAA-058397
Size: Mini, 20lbs 
Hips: OFA certified
Elbows: OFA certified
DNA: Pra/vwd/DM /EIC clear, parti-factored
Color/Coat: bbee, Phantom carrier
Foundation  Australian Labradoodle