Nieto de Fuego (call name Nieto)



Nieto is our handsome new line Australian red, parti-factored ALAA stud. He is the grandson of our infusion stud, Jugar con Fuego, and is a lovely representation of our journey to breed a new Australian line of deep Red and Red & White Parti Labradoodles.


Nieto makes us smile when we look at him because we see the culmination of a dream for the Cream Puff Labradoodle program - to breed a unique and rare deep red pedigreed new Australian line. A red that is rumored to be the “elusive rufus gene” that there is not even a genetic test for yet. We are extremely lucky to have produced such a red boy such as Nieto to add to our program. Nieto lives in an awesome Guardian home near the Jersey Shore not far from Asbury Park!


WALA00001650, ALAA-052863

Size: Medium, 35lbs

Hips: OFA certified

Elbows: OFA certified

DNA: Pra/vwd/DM/EIC clear, Phantom carrier

Color/Coat: Bbee, Parti-factored, IC clear

Foundation Australian Labradoodle