La Paz del Fuego (call name Scarlet)

La Paz del Fuego.png


Scarlet is appropriately named as she has such a deep red color in her lovely coat. She descends from 3/4ths new American lines blended with the fabulous tried and true Australian lines brought over many years ago from Australia.

Scarlet is from one of our most favorite founding lines as she has Fuego as her great grandfather. Fuego’s line is known for its absolutely stunning deep red coats!

Scarlet is the daughter of Hyjack and Esperanza del Fuego and has the same loving personality as them both. She lives near the Jersey shore with an awesome family. They treat her as the Princess she is and fully understand that the Fire in this girl informs not only her lovely personality but the appearance of her stunning coat.


WALA00001624, ALAA-060072
Size: Large Medium, 35lbs
Hips: OFA Certified
Elbows: OFA Certified
DNA: Pra/vWD/DM/EIC clear
Color/Coat: Bbee, IC Clear, Parti-factored
Australian Labradoodle