Kumari (call name Brooklyn)



Brooklyn is a mini Australian Labradoodle with a lovely caramel Fleece Coat. She carries on the legacy of our retired Czarina and our handsome stud muffin Oscar Wilde with the ability to produce Phantom colored puppies in addition to being able to produce every color possible in the labradoodle color world!


We expect gorgeous mini phantom puppies from this beautiful girl in addition to all those other possible colors. It all depends on what her “boyfriend” carries genetically to statistically produce certain colors! The rest is up to Mother Nature!!! Brooklyn furthers our dedication to continue creating our very own “unique” lines in all colors by blending new American lines with older line Australian Labradoodles!


Brooklyn has within her the capacity to be an important addition genetically to the labradoodle community by introducing almost totally unrelated genetics into the gene pool while maintaining the fabulous look of the Australian labradoodle we have come to love!



Size: Mini 20lbs

Hips: OFA Certified

Elbows: OFA Certified

DNA: Pra carrier, EIC/vwd/DM clear

Color/Coat: bbee, IC clear, Phantom carrier

Australian Labradoodle