Jugar con Fuego (call name Fuego)

Jugar con Fuego.png


Fuego is our handsome little extremely rare deep mahogany red ALAA infusion stud. He is our “Foundation Boy” for what we hope to be a new Australian line of deep Red and Red & White Parti Labradoodles. He won’t be used a great deal in our program, but his contribution will be long-lasting!

We are really in love with studying genetics and Fuego makes us smile when we look at him because we know the profound effect he can have on the Cream Puff Labradoodle program due to his unique and rare genetics. Deep red that doesn't fade is rumored to be the “elusive rufus gene” that there is not even a genetic test for yet. We are extremely lucky to have found a deep red non-fading boy such as Fuego to add to our program. Fuego lives in an awesome Guardian home in South Jersey, not far from Atlantic City!

For information regarding the ALAA infusion breeding guidelines and policies for creating “new” Australian Labradoodle lines click here.


WALA00004426, ALAA-031743
Size: Miniature, 21lbs
Hips: OFA certified
Elbows: OFA certified
DNA: Pra/vwd/DM/EIC clear
Color/Coat: BBee, IC carrier
ALAA Approved Infusion Stud