Flintstone (call name Lenny)



Flintstone is our handsome little liver-nosed stud that is out of Fluffy’s Bam Bam and CC’s Caramel Swirl. He is only 68% poodle so he has less poodle than an F1b American Labradoodle even though he is an Australian Labradoodle! He is living proof that you can have your cake and eat it too! A very “labby” Labradoodle and a gorgeous non-shedding wavy fleece coat. He represents 3/4ths new American lines and he is sure to be an asset to the Australian Labradoodle community here in the USA, helping ensure that genetic diversity is maintained. His liver nose brings with it his stunning green eyes, a coloring we love and that we breed for here at Cream Puff.

Flintstone holds a special place in our hearts here at Cream Puff as he is the grandson of one of the three Labradoodles that live with our Founder, and not in a Guardian home. We look forward to Flintstone passing on his superior genetics to his offspring in our program and helping to ensure that your pet puppy has a long happy productive life! 


Flintstone lives in a north central New Jersey Guardian home with his canine Dad - yes one of the lucky dogs that gets to live its entire life with one of its doggy parents!


WALA00001594, ALAA-051772
Size: Small Medium, 30lbs
Hips: OFA certified
Elbows: OFA certified
DNA: Pra/vwd/DM/EIC clear
Color/Coat: bbee, IC clear, Parti-factored
Australian Labradoodle