Flambé (call name Zeke)



Zeke is our handsome Red Tuxedo straight fleece coated large medium stud born from our very own unique lines that were created right here at Cream Puff!


Zeke has the ability to produce puppies in colors of red, cream, caramel, chocolate and black depending on the girl he is mated with - what we breeders call a “Rainbow” litter! He is rumored to be a “true” Tuxedo.   Most Labradoodles that carry markings like Zeke carry one copy of the “Parti” gene which causes the white mismarks in his coat. Other breeds of dogs carry these white markings without producing parti puppies when bred to another dog that looks like themselves. As Labradoodles are a breed in development, us Labradoodle breeders have known there was the possibility to have the gene combination that we believe Zeke carries. It is just very difficult to find this gene combination with no genetic test available to confirm it.   However, Zeke has been bred to two “Parti Girls” without producing a parti puppy to date, so statistically we have struck genetic gold!!!


Zeke is also a very lucky doodle! Not only does he have the whole Atlantic Ocean as his very own swimming pool to explore at his favorite dog beach, but he has a doting Guardian family where he lives in NJ! His favorite treat is a peanut butter Kong with surprise treats inside, and his favorite trick is giving his paw - he loves giving his paw, even when you're just talking to him he will give you his paw! Aww!!!!


Zeke is all New American lines that will hopefully help the Labradoodle world with its need for genetic diversity while maintaining that “Labby-fetch” mentality that we love about Labradoodles!



Size: Large Medium, 45lbs

Hips: OFA certified

Elbows: OFA certified

DNA: Pra carrier, vwd/DM/EIC clear

Color/Coat: Bbee, IC clear

LO-Multi-gen Labradoodle