Fiery Phantom (call name Gracie)

Fiery_Phantom .png


Black is beautiful and Gracie easily shows this to the world. Gracie carries the 4 genes of “phantom” which are also the genes that create the black and tan coloring in Rottweilers and Bernese Mountain dogs. When this happens, it is truly stunning!

Gracie is a small-sized medium Labradoodle with this lovely coloring and also carries for the red gene because her daddy is our handsome Red stud muffin named Candian Doodle Firery Inferno! Because of her unique coloring, she will add these unique phantom color gene sets to all of her offspring born here when she has each of her three litters at Cream Puff Labradoodles! Gracie also has the ability to produce beautiful shades of colors such as red, apricot and cream as well as solid blacks. There is lots of color possibility in puppies from this special girl!

She has already produced a spectacular litter of puppies with our stunning Trifecta! She lives with an awesome Guardian family here in New Jersey that we are eternally grateful for!


Size: Medium 34lbs
Hips: OFA Certified
Elbows: OFA Certified
DNA: Pra/vWD/DM/EIC clear
Color/Coat: BBEE, IC carrier
Foundation Australian Labradoodle