Czarina (call name Zarina)



Zarina is a mini Australian Labradoodle with a lovely dark apricot Fleece Coat that is actually a “Phantom” (think coloring of a Rottweiler). It takes 4 recessive genes to line up to create the “Black and Tan” coloring but it does not “express” when apricot as the cream gene masks its expression. Take a look at our stud Specter to see what this coloring looks like.

We expect gorgeous “Black and Tan” mini puppies from this beautiful girl. This will further our dedication to continue creating our very own “unique” lines of this phantom coloring by blending new American lines with older line Australian Labradoodles!

This girl has within her the capacity to be an important addition genetically to the labradoodle community by introducing almost totally unrelated genetics into the gene pool while maintaining the fabulous look of the Australian labradoodle we have come to love!

She lives in a  wonderful Guardian Home near the New Jersey shore and loves frolicking with her Guardian pack as the Guardian program is a family affair!


WALA00001571, ALAA-053761
Size: Mini 20lbs
Hips: OFA Certified
Elbows: OFA Certified
DNA: Pra/EIC/vwd/DM clear
Color/Coat: Bbee, IC clear, Silent Phantom
Australian Labradoodle