Buena Suerte (call name Maggie)

Buena Suerte .png


Maggie is one of our all-new Australian line Cream Puff girls produced only here at Cream Puff. Maggie is named after both of her Mom, Suerte de Fuego and grandad, Jugar con Fuego, Maggie has a silky soft curly dark red Fleece Coat and carries for the phantom genes. She has lighted with time to a lovely shade of dark apricot!


We expect gorgeous dark red/apricot puppies from this lovely girl! Maggie represents an all-new Australian line created right here at Cream Puff Labradoodles with a combination of our American lines with her granddad, our infusion stud, Jugar con Fuego. She is a lovely blend of genetics that comprise the Australian Labradoodle and one of the things we specialize and love creating here at CPL by introducing to the world this very beautiful girl!


She lives in a wonderful Guardian Home in New Jersey - a true Jersey girl!


WALA00001563, ALAA-057793

Size: Small Medium, 30lbs

Hips: OFA certified

Elbows: OFA certified

DNA: Pra/vwd/DM clear, EIC carrier

Color/Coat: Bbee, IC carrier, phantom carrier

Foundation Australian Labradoodle