Christmas Puppies

All I want for Christmas is you!

Our Christmas puppies are tucked in safely inside their mama's bellies until their October due dates arrive. Below you can find information about the litters we are expecting. We will update this page with links to individual litter pages as puppies are born.


We are beginning to receive deposits for our holiday puppies already, and historically we have filled up our deposit spaces quickly. If you are interested in a Christmas puppy we recommend completing our application as soon as possible.

CPL Havana
CPL Hoppy


Mini, 20-30lbs

Due date: October 25th

Shades of caramel, possible white mismarks

Deliver Us Perfection.png
CPL Deliver Us Perfection
On Broadway.png
CPL On Broadway


Mini, 20-30lbs

Due Date: October 31st

Possible chocolates, phantoms, caramels and partis

CPL Camorra
Catador de Vino.png
CPL Catador de Vino


Medium, 30-40lbs

Due Date: October 24th

Shades of red and apricot with white mismarks, possible partis